Polaroid I-2

Påsketilbud fra 26.03 til 09.04.! Pair it with the sharpest-ever Polaroid lens and the unique chemistry of Polaroid film, and you have an instant craft tool made for the Imperfectionists. Compatible with Polaroid i-Type, 600 & SX-70 film in the original Polaroid instant film format. The Polaroid I-2 instant camera is the first autofocus 3-lens system. (All current cameras have a hyperfocus 2-lens system.) It's the sharpest-ever lens, and with it, you have: Autofocus for anytime sharp results More depth of field for stunning portraits (use at f8 at any distance) The ability to choose any aperture at any distance Combined with the Lidar system (premium ranging meter), the I-2 can perfectly detect your object’s distance adjusting the lens to it. So it has an amazing focal distance, enabling you to take sharp and bright pictures. Polaroid I-2 has built-in manual controls, which can be monitored through the integrated Viewfinder and the LCM display. Check and adjust your: Distance to the object Shutter speed value- so you can control the exact amount of light you need. Aperture (up to f/8)= biggest aperture in our portfolio for a beautiful ‘Bokeh’ effect. Light meter indicator (under or overexposed) Flash (on/off) Camera modes: auto, aperture, manual, self-timer, multi exposure Designed for craft Built-in manual controls Our sharpest-ever lens Autofocus 3-lens continuous focus system with Lidar ranging sensor 6 modes directly selectable on the camera: auto mode, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual mode, multiple exposure, self-timer External display and Viewfinder with integrated display App enabled to access more features Accurate, human-friendly flash system Tripod mount Port for external flash sync Built-in lens filter thread mount (49mm) Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via USB-C (15 pack battery life) Works with Polaroid i-Type, 600, and SX-70 film Whats in the box: Polaroid I-2 Camera Protective Lens Cap Camera pouch USB-C Charging Cable (1.2m/4’) Handle Strap Quick Start Guide Tip sheet Safety & Compliance Leaflet

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